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Beach run Brazil

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Two things nice about Brazil

1. 18deg is winter here and considered cold (it reaches this only at night) 25-27 during the day

2. Lack of rules and regulations (you can pull the truck over, put the gear out and take off

I really feel bad watching the guys here trying to find a place to fly such a shame. But like all sports it only takes a few "Dells" to trash a good thing.


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I am teaching a Brit who owns a massive farm in BRASIL at the mo :-) I think it's going to have to be a trip out there at some point :-)


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If you flying inland with a motor you just need to watch the season and weather. In the summer its not uncommon to find 8m/s thermals.

I'm cautious when I go inland. I've been raped a few times by 7m/s.

It really depends on the day. Many of the free flyers here will not fly in the summer at the peek hours its just to strong.

Dusk works really well or the beach at peek hours (there is just so much of it).

But you will love it "fly where you like"

Where is the farm?


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I will get details and PM you :-)

Maybe we can hook up at the same time?

I dont suppose by any remote chance that you have a motor an wing I could use?


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Could be the season but it looks like a crazy thermic place


Its closer to this one


It looks like it’s a location that cycles. But it’s really weird it’s like a reverse cycle. The wind seems to be in the morning then dropping in the afternoon. Could be a great place for night flights. But keep in mind we are in winter here as you can see it’s only getting up to 29deg lol.

But the first link is petrolina man the wind there looks crazy 10 gusting to 20kns?

I think you student is in the middle of these two places

This is a crazy place......

Ok got it figured out now...... In winter we get south and east. He's behind the mountains


This explains the weird wind effects. He will need to learn this location first. Good thing for him there is there is a ton of paragliding in the region so I'm guessing closer to the coast is crazy beautiful. Might be good to talk with the locals and figure out what’s going on there.

But being behind the mountain will be great when the coastal wind cannot penetrate however there is a side effect of this. I’m guessing the thermal activity in his location will be interesting.

just my 15min look into things.

Lets do this trip

http://www.paramotormag.com/2010/11/lu- ... 2832031250

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Thanks for the detailed info :-) I think I will hook him up with a paraglider out there to get used to the area / met.


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