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Ozone Slalom 21m

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I had an Awak 18 which I flew with motor and it wasn't that fast at all. Faster then a "normal" glider but not as much as I thought it would be. After all it's only a scaled down EN-A glider but the small size makes it handle and fly a bit faster but it doesn't have the profile to be fast.

I now got a Speedster 19 that I can't wait to fly and compare with but have to finish my new paramotor build first.

From what I understand the Slalom has much tighter turn radius then the mini wings.

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I had around 5 flights on the slalom and the stability is/seems just as good as the speedster.

It is super agile and very efficient for a small wing and needs less power then other small wings. 85kg pilot had flown a 21m slalom on a V5 but does need more power. I flew my 20m GTR on my V5 and could not climb on full trim.

We are still to do some speed tests between the two wings. Slalom feels faster...

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