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How do you stay warm?

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How do you stay warm when flying in winter?

Obvious choices are:

Layers - can be too hot on the ground so you end up sweating & cold in the air

Good base layer - do these work, if so, which ones?

Flying suit - can be expensive

Heated kit - can add weight & complexity

Accessories - ?

How do you make sure you're not too hot (and sweaty) on the ground, but warm enough in the air, even if you fly for a few hours at a time?


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A good set of army-surplus thermal long-johns, thick socks, regular trousers/jeans, T-shirt, Fleece, then flying suit over that.... Ballyclava helmet, flying helmet and a pair of gloves.... I use a helmet with visor, which is even better... the only part of me that feels anyway cold are my hands, so I generally sit on them when I fly, and weight shift to steer.

Many layers are the key to this... and keep your top layer wind proof.


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... here's a second for the Dickies waterproof padded overalls - perfect for paramotoring - detachable hood, loads of pockets, padded knees, and toasty warm. That and some mountain bike gloves.

Of course, now it's spring, we don't need to worry about things like that and can all fly in shorts and t-shirts :D Oh well, we live in hope

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For me the main concerns are hands (Gin Alpine Gloves) followed by feet (one pair of good outdoor socks, not too thick) and making sure that draft at the back of the neck between the balaclava and jacket is minimized. A quality base layer, fleece top, outdoor/army trousers and wind proof jacket is usually enough. Base layer and flying suit in very cold weather. Too much bulk is uncomfortable.

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Too much bulk is uncomfortable.

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I in the early days of my flying I would rather be a little bit colder and be able to move around in the harness and have free moving arms and so on......

Later in life I discovered and saved up for a lipo powered heated vest. (which feels like you are laying in a bath :-) :-) ) 1 battery lasts 4 hours. Not cheep, but it keeps your entire body warm from the core out and is well worth saving up for and adding to your wish list for next winter. :-)

http://www.exo2theheatinside.com/produc ... armer.html


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