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kill switch

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i am haveing a few problems with the engine not wanting to kill when the RPM is higher than tickover say 1200 rpm all the terminals have been cheked ,the only one i haven,t cheked is the stop button on the hand throttle wich is a sod to take apart,but will if i have to i.think i read on one of the postings something about if you have a tiny tac fitted this may be a possible cause ,can anybody throw any addvice my way

cheers dave

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There is a very high likelyhood it is the stop button itself, or the wiring along the way to the stop button. These are notorious 'weak spots' on the circuit- espcially if the button is unprotected from moisture, dust ect..

Can't imagine how the Tiny Tach could interfere with the operation....

Id recommend getting a simple continuity tester and checking the outputs at the powerunit end- you should be able to tell if the switch/wiring in the throttle assembly is working or not.

If you are reordering a switch from Maplin or RS or the like- make sure you get the right type- N/C (Normally Closed - Push to break) or N/O (Normally Open- Push to make).


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