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Question(s) for the freeflyers.

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I`ve been viewing videos on Ewe tube - freeflyers soaring at beach locations or`dune gooning` as it`s been described. Looks like great fun.

A few Q`s;

They seem to be able to fly at very low level - from just skimming the ground to 10/20ft height or so - how do they control their height?

Also, how do they stay `parallel to the shore`while going up and down the beach, ie: prevent themselves being blown back over the dunes by the sometimes fierce-looking wind?

Is it the strong, laminar wind coming off the sea that is the attraction at these sites or is it that they always need a bit of updraught that the dunes provide?

If a PPG wing needs air flowing over it at a certain speed to fly - by being pulled through the air by the motor - , why isn`t it possible to fly the same wing on an open flat field say, if that wind is at a similar speed to the `flying speed` of the wing?

I`ve notived that the wings the `dune gooners` fly seem to be very `slim` - not much depth front to back - is that a wing characteristic that`s needed for this type of flying?

Just curious :) ,


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wow its really difficult answer

and involve many facts,theory and practice completely different from ppg

but you right strong laminar wind and updraught that the dunes provide make very nice flying

very nice sample can be "Dune de la pyla"

most of this wing men use acro wing 18-22sq mtr. very fast reacting for any brake pull .

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Yeah, it was videos of Dune de Pyla i was mostly watching...

So it`s just the windspeed that determines the height they fly at?

These three dudes look like they`re have a good laugh - standing in the harness at one point!;


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