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The flat top crumble zone will save you if dell dont.....

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Ughh. When i 1st looked into this sport, i went to Utube to inform myself. This guy is plastered all over it. 9 out of 10 videos are his. He must have web marketing staff working around the clock to infiltrate the net like he does. Glad i did some research and saw what he was really all about!

Canadian brother!!!

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not far ago stuartasutherland want to be trained by Dell :shock::shock::shock:

some day on you tube dell call me ignorant because I dont want his egoistic "super crash training" :mrgreen: opss "super training" ,in this video dell looks like arrogant mad man.


If I have take training,I take it from Moron http://tinyurl.com/bmb5mrl looks great "cross country fly-drag" :D:lol:

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Of all of this things that I have seen that prick do,

THAT video is the one that actually makes me want to punch him until he can't get up.

What a cock.

SW :evil:

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Most of the videos I have seen up until now of this guy are where he puts his own life at risk or is just simply talking shit as usual.

This video takes it to a new level. No wonder so many folk do actually hate him.

You can add me to that list now... :evil:

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not cool :cry:

This gave me an idea for a new competition task, chasing a rc plane and trying to touch it with your foot, the pilot with the quickest time wins.It will have to be one of these compressed foam planes that is robust and won't be able to break your prop.

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