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engine not starting......


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:shock: ok cap in hand and suck eggs time but have gone a bit blank here..

my parajet macro was ok last november time..ish and started up ok (had some fun running around the field with it just before the light went) but for some reason it wont start now and fire up.no settings have been changed and although the batts flat it has been replaced and a new plug put in,and fresh fuel etc

now the interesting thing is that it pees out fuel from the exhaust and sometimes bubbles by the carb which to me may indicate a gasket gone.

the plugs are ok and fuel seems to go around but drips from the exhaust..

am i overlooking something completely simple here..



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... I assume you've done the steps to clear the engine when it's flooded, and gone through the checks that are in the manual? (sorry if that's stating the obvious!)

Could be the reed valve if the engine is turning over but just not firing. This happened to mine. To check, remove the carb and shine a torch into the hole. You should see 2 plastic reeds in a v-shape, narrowing at the bottom. If you don't, it indicates the reed valve has blown.

Parajet are always really helpful - give them a call and i'm sure they'll be able to advise. If they can't sort over the phone, it doesn't cost that much to have it sent down to them, fixed/serviced (and cleaned!), and returned.


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Also check the membrane in the carb- sounds like they could be perforated.

Membranes deteriorate over time, and if a hole or crack develops, then the fuel metering system in the carb goes crazy... You'd be lucky to get it started, and if it does it will be very erratic.

Carb mebrane kits are cheap enough- and it's recommended you change them every year- regardless of use.


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thanks guys...i called parajet and they said its prob a flooded engine etc.. and told me to remove the head gasket and exhaust and empty the fuel out...the carbs were fine from the airbox side but the fuel that came out was not much.needless to say the engine was meant to have done only 15 hrs from new but the pistons and other parts inside were all burnt so am now guessing a tad rich mix.

upshot is after cleaning the heads and chamber etc its firing nicely but tickovers slightly fast now.. prob need to put the blades on and check....

ho hum n all that... :P

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Don’t forget about the reeds. In my experience with 2stroke engines its 80% of the time the reeds go bad. They are truly a sensitive area with 2strokes they will run fine one day warp the next.

For example my mini planes started to start hard (had to pull like crazy). The fuel would not stay in filter then I would end up flooding the motor from too much choke. New reeds and it’s like now now.

Prop on for start up test.

just my .02



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