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Just done the same thing on my Cors-air Black Devil.

Due to crap weather I've only flown with this set up for a couple of hours so far but looking promissing so far.

I'd recommend remotely mounting carb to avoid frothing and I feed mine from a reservoir mounted above carb to eliminate bubbles in fuel line.

Also make sure you get full throttle as I had to make a one off throttle to achieve this.

Can see some carb icing problems , so looking forward to warmer weather to get confident with this set up.

Good luck


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hi tim thanks for your comment.i don,t no what carb you have fitted i wouldnt have thought bubbles were to much of a issue providind the float chamber is full .MYqueery is choosing the right main jet.and wonderd if anyone has already got the spec for a slide type carb on a solo engine :(

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It' a PWK26 that iv'e fitted , thought it might be a bit small to start with but motor is reaching the desired rpm under load .

I was a bit paranoid about bubbles when I was using a Walbro so fitted the reservior then, and just carried it over to the slide carb conversion , It also eliminates any need for a pressure regulator with good old gravity feeding the carb.

Drilled main jet out to 117 and i think pilot was some thing like a 48 from memory , middle groove on needle.

I set fueling using a lambda at ground level and hopefully it won't richen up too much with altitude to affect economy , plug colour looking good so far.

Still needs a little fine tuning at idle but put this down to inlet tract length and temperature.

Next step is fuel injection when I've accumulated all the parts.


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Hi tim it sound pretty good keep your eye on the plug colour I have yet to take the plunge ,yust hopeing

someone posts the spec on the mikuni VM26 8637THATS BECAUSE I GOT ONE .now the holiday is over il get on with it .It wont take long if i can eliminate most of the guess work.i will keep the forum posted

cheer,s DAVE

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