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Forgive me father, I'm about to sin...


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I own a 17" Macbook Pro, iPad 3 and a iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 is definitely ready for an upgrade, so naturally you'd think I'd be looking at the iPhone5, and I have, and I'm really dissapointed. It gets worse, I'm now looking at the Samsung Note 2 :shock::shock:

From all the reviews, it looks so much better. The big screen seems so much more useable, especially with my rapidly failing eyesight. Mind you, I might need to buy a manbag to put it in :lol:

Please someone give me a good argument why it's not better than the iphone 5.


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I did the same a while back.

The only thing I missed was itunes integration. But I found there's an app for that, and it sync's over wifi!

The biggest improvement - A BACK BUTTON... yes! no more home then another app then the other app... then what was I doing again??? yes getting old.

Once you switch you won't regret it... The note 2 is fantastic... the android hardware out there is so much better than apples stuff.

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Twice I have tried android stuff. A phone a while back and a Nexus 7. Both were great to start but then started to slow down like an old laptop running windows would.

The Nexus 7 was the last straw. Got an ipad mini instead - shed loads faster.

Personal preference I guess. Although I fancy a new macbook Pro, but there are getting silly expensive.

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You'd maybe miss the ecosystem integration (I would which is why I never consider anything else).

Which is why I have never considered anything else, never needed to 'cause the competition simply didn't match up....until now

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