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its like stickygrape never existed


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Naaaaaa... I did not ban him I locked his account, AND after we had a nice conversation I unlocked it again.

If his posts are gone, he either a) did it himself or b) there are a fleet of gremlins in the system that dont like him.


I just checked the admin log and nothing has happened at this end other than a system 'refresh' which updates the database when someone leaves the forum.

So please don't jump to conclusions :-) I would never ever knowingly do that to any member / ex member.

My guess is he did it himself and thats why he asked for access to the forum again.


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I had / have no reason to delete all of his posts. I am just not that petty.

He stopped using the site anyway.

Also he has my phone number, email and Facebook as a way to contact me if there were problems when I re-activated the account some weeks ago.

All very strange but think what you like, it was not me.


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