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Dudek comfort low hang point harness


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If Clive sells something in your area as a dealer, then he still gives the commission to that dealer. That way the dealer will still provide the required support.

Unlike some paramotor manufacturers I may add.

Also it's a slightly odd request which I am 75% sure will require ordering in from the factory.


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Steve haze from learn to paramotor...

I thought clive bunce was the importer and not meant to supply the Public???

Yes I am the Dudek Importer and its my own personal choice not to sell direct to the end user, staying loyal to my dealer network, unlike all the Marks you offer.

Just being accurate, seeing you seem to be speaking on behalf of Steve Haze.

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Just to Clarify I was NOT speaking on behalf of Steve Haze. I was Just saying Steve was a Dealer here on the south coast.

The Bit about dealer/import was a question... As i honestly thought Clive did not sell to the general public... Yes unlike The brands I sell!!!

Having re read my post i can see it may be read differently.... Sorry My dislexia Kicking in.....

Clive If you have any issues About Me or my post Please Give me a call... 07867317307

I was just trying to put a sale towards Steve to help him out.



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