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Setting up a speed bar on my Zenith

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Yip, I know, probably should have done it by now but never really needed the extra speed. After getting my first taste of XCODE at the weekend, I'd like to have the ability to get a bit more.

So, I have a pulley at the front (near thigh) and at the back (near my bum). As my risers sit nearly straight up from the front pulleys, do I need to go via the back ones or are they for high hang points?

Any hints on setting up much appreciated. Ta

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Rear ones.....! you will find if you use the front ones when you apply the speed bar your upper torso will naturally lean backwards pointing the prop downwards......if you go through the rear ones near your bum/Arse.... :lol: you will find you can achieve a easier push of the speedbar more leverage and stay upright and be able to hold the pressure much more easy for long periods :P:wingover:

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Hi Carl

My point was you should be taught by your instructor on How to set it up how to use it when and when not to use it...

On a BHPA Hill Cause you are taught to use it in normal flight and as a tool for a faster decent with Big ears. Why is this not taught on a PPG course??

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