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My Wing Has Not Read The Book !!!!

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I'm still at the ground handling stage, I do as much as I can.

Do you ever have one of those days where it just does not want to play ??

Today i was out in winds ranging from 3 to 8 mph. Normal field, nothing unusual, thought I'd be in for an hours pleasant practice. :D

The wing was all over the place. Collapsing on inflation, doing partial wingovers, full wingovers, failing to inflate etc. Then every now and then a perfect reverse inflation, turn and walk for 20yds, then all of a sudden collapse etc. :?

I packed up after the last 'good flight' and went home... :D

I just wondered if anyone else had days where the wing acted as if it had no idea what it was doing...


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Something that is not made clear in the manuals for ANY wing!

You must talk nicely to it on a regular basis.

You must sleep with it at least twice a year (this happens at fly-ins alot!!!)

And they like a cuddle once a week. (while being carried from car is an OK time for this)

Forgetting any of the above will result in your skill level seeming to become worse due to the inputs from your neglected wing.



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Amateur mistake!

That's like leaving your girlfriends pube in your teeth while kissing your wife when you get home!!!

Dude, you may need a new wing after that!


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I tried a different approach.

When it didn't behave I swore at it, called it every name under the sun. Told it it was useless and crap in the air. Threatened to trade it in for a younger model and threw it around a bit.


It left me unsatisfied, kicked me in the wallet and sent me to A&E.

Damn. Are all wings female?

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Yesterday was a bit all over the place Rob, I visited a few fields and the wind socks were all over the place, it was a little thermic in fact on one field I visited 2 guys gave up and drove home.

I got away alright but sometimes a couple of failed attempts will have me screaming at it - made worse by having ear defenders on.


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It was certainly jealousy.

I went ground handling on the way home from work for an hour, the kayak wasn't on the roof. Wing behaved herself perfectly. Easy launches, happy to stay up and respond to the smallest of inputs, didn't fall over even when forward kiting for minutes at a time whilst not walking forward, just brake work.

I'm not sure if the constant 6mph wind from a constant direction helped though.

I'm staying with the jealousy idea...

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