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Bailey or Zenith?


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If people were gonna go for a V5 4 stroke, would they choose a Bailey, or Parajet Zenith? Costs are similar.

Bailey chassis! be like putting a diesel 70bhp in a lotus Elise chassis if you put it in a zenith.

Zenith needs power!! :D

Just my 2p.

The v5 and bailey chassis does what it does well. It's a perfect combo.

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the kind offer. I'm only just starting out training up in Leicestershire, so not at the purchasing stage just yet, but will bare it in mind later in the year.

You're clearly an expert in V5's, how do you see the pros & cons of each?

By the way, I've watched many of your clips on YouTube, truly inspirational!!

Loved the one through snowdon, and the one following the river at low level (think it was littlehampton??).


Kind regards,


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Hey Nick, not too far from me, I haven't tried the zenith but own a bailey v5. I would have to agree with Carl - it belongs in a bailey frame. Are you training locally? If you weren't aware there's a pretty good school in market harborough if that helps.



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The two chassis are very different as you know...

My personal favourite is the Bailey chassis.

Bailey chassis pro's

Fast and easy to set up

very comfortable on long XC's

Nice weight shift for thermal and ridge flying.

virtually no torque

Zenith pro's

Looks the nuts!!!

light chassis

Very good weight shift

Good if you bend it. replacement parts are easy to fit.

Easy to transport

packs down very small

Bailey cons

A bit bulky when traveling but no bulkier than any other paramotor.

Zenith com's

Can be a pain to set up when you first get it.

IMO a bit fragile looking. (not tested) :wink:

Fire fly come down when ever you like even if its just to look at the machines your more than welcome.

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  • 3 months later...

Maybe someone can clear the mist?

Parajet have updated their specifications table - it shows the Zenith Bailey V5 at 30kg, not 27.5kg as previously listed.

This leads me to ask - whats the all up takeoff weight (no fuel) of the baileys then?

Because if it's 27.5kg (which the bailey WEBsite states?) then that zenith aint no light frame.

Does the zenith chassis have some extra parts particularly with the Bailey motor?

Someone mentioned the fuel tank had a slight different location with the Bailey.

Or am I missing something...

I think Morgy had been asked in another thread to weigh em up? :)



ps.. I'm no expert here - just looking to buy my first.

pss.. I do know that Bailey don't do the lighter titanium exhaust anymore - if that matters?

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The V5 was quoted at 27.5kg dry... With the titanium exhaust 600g saving... As far as i am aware dry is without oil...

I guess the all up flying weight wil be around 28.7ish no fuel no reserve.

All sports car makers quote dry weights no oils fuel brake fluid etc etc..

Why not give flying weight ready to put in fuel reserve and go...

Even tho the zenith is quoted at 30kg i find it hard to feel the difference.. Choosing what machine is down to taste Do you have to break it down every time?. Are your landings good?

If you want to talk more or come and see the machines or test fly your more than welcome to do so

Mark 07867317307



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I have just sold my Bailey V5 and bought a Zenith V5. For me it was a really tough descision to change, I LOVE the baily engine it is well built and reliable and economical.

However as a larger person I found the Bailey chassis to be a little on the small side. Although I could get into it. The chassis has a funny bend in the swing arms that made it difficult for me, in particular on the ground and reaching the leg straps or fitting the riser to the left swing arm (the right one was ok). Once I was in the air it was a dream to fly.

So for me the pros and cons of each are:

Bailey: Pros

Quick assembly

More crash resistant than the Zenith

Possability of a larger tank (15ltr versus 12 ltr)

Harness scoops you off the ground

Safer netting

Bailey: Cons

Harness / Chassis smaller than the Zenith

Larger storage size

Not as active to fly as the Zenith

Tricky getting to the left carabina with all my flying suit \ helmet etc on

Zenith: Pros

Larger Harness

Looks better than the Bailey in my opinion

More like a paraglider to fly

Very compact

Zenith: Cons

Easier to break

Slower to assemble

Netting not as good

Smaller fuel tank

Harness has to be adjusted more acuratley or you will be left dangling as it does not scoop in the same way as the bailey

For me personally I was very happy with the bailey version, it was just the harness / chassis that was a niggle.

I am also very happy with the Zenith, so I dont think you would be disapointed with either.

If you are normal size then I dont think it will make any difference.

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Thanks guys that's great.

I think your right Mark, I don't need to break it all down.

In my research I was trying to justify the weight of an electric start so that led me down the weight consideration path.

I'm going to a fly-in later this year so may learn a little more.

I'm here in Oz so otherwise I would gladly come and visit you for a looksee Mark.

There are Parajet agents here and I'm not sure with baileys anymore since the guy listed has left us...

Anyway thanks again guys.



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  • 4 months later...

Just tagging on the end of this thread. I am going to get the Bailey V5 and have read the comparisons between the Bailey chassis and the Zenith...great info, since I live in Thailand......the only dealer here I can find only sells the Bailey V5 in a PXP chassis.

Does anyone have any comments regarding the PXP chassis with the Bailey V5?

I understand to actually try it before I buy it is the best way.......but just wondering if any of you guys have any comments about PXP chassis.



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A slightly different perspective and not strictly on topic...

Having owned a zenith Thor 200, and most of the parajet volution macro engine options :

The zenith chassis is very similar in weight to the macro chassis ( I weighed them )

With the same engine mounted - Thor 200. The zenith felt a lot lighter due to how it sits on your back - higher although weight wise it was v similar.

I would have a zenith tomorrow if it suited my storage and transport - but it doesn't so I went back to the macro.

And I did find assembly of the zenith a bit slow.

Never flown a bailey chassis so can't comment on how it feels

If you are new to the sport though - it's worth looking at how much new parts are for the chassis -- and what's likely to bust if you deck it !

My point being - small differences in weight can be exaggerated by how it sits while in the ground ..go and try them at morgys


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I have a PXP frame and its rock solid.

There pretty much the same as the pap, from what i heard the guy who runs PXP used to work for PAP.

They frame gets a thumbs up from me.

Thanks for the feedback "touch", I would love to have the cash to go and see Morgy and try everything, but that unfortunately, is only in my dreams.



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  • 2 weeks later...

We can ship internationally either a Bailey V5 or Zenith V5.. You also pay no Vat .. :wink: Bailey V5 instock

Thanks Morgy, I would be more than happy to do business with you. Unfortunately here in Thailand, importing anything is a nightmare. Depending on the mood of the customs officer at the time, one can be charged anything from 50% up to 200% of the original value of the goods.

Which makes me wonder how some dealers get around this issue here. Not what you know but who you know has a lot of weight here.

BTW I have tracked down another dealer here in Thailand who does sell the Bailey in a Bailey chassis......so once I get cashed-up I'll be paying him a visit.



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