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Do I really need a training harness?


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Hey everyone. I'm a new paragliding student.

I'm trying to decide if I really need to buy a separate harness just to practice ground handling. Any pointers? $275 seems like a lot to spend on it! Maybe I just don't appreciate what it does?

I just bought a Kangook Classic frame with an HE125 paramotor. The kit came with a SupAir harness. I also purchased a Dudek Nemo 2 25.5 wing.

Maybe someone has a used harness they're looking to sell?

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Your quite right mate. Unfortunately mine was a pig to remove and was riveted to the arm bars. Got a good second hand one off eBay and it really made a difference to my ground handling being able to sit into it. But the riggers harness gave me all the basics.

Agreed cheap pg harness is the other way to go or the climbing one is better than nothing.

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I'm taking my paramotor course in May and bought myself a kite to get ahead of the game. I bought a mountain climbing harness and modified it a bit and it works great, although I have no other experiences or harnesses to compare it to! I think the harness cost me about $57 Canadian...

These photos where taken by a freelance photographer just walking by (he emailed these to me).

I was on the Ottawa River near where I live in Ottawa Ontario, Canada! Wind was great and I had a great time...






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Awesome improv harness!

As it turns out, I didn't need to buy a harness :)

I got plenty of kiting in before I actually attached my paramotor harness to the paramotor. It is a giant pain taking the harness on/off of the motor frame so now that I am through my initial training, I will likely buy a training harness so that I can kite when I'm not up for flying.

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