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Looking for advice re finding flying sites.

I live in north Ayrshire - south west of Glasgow - and there are a lot of livestock - sheep, cattle and horses - so farmers I have spoken with so far complain that anything airborne frightens the animals.. So I would appreciate any thoughts about generally where to fly. Anything specific to where I live would be great!

I occasionally fly at the coast from a public space. Scenic but limited in wind direction.

I have visited the microlight club in Lanarkshire but its busy and the different flying speed seems an issue.

Want to sort this this year before I give up!

Thanks- hopefully!

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I concur. I have resorted to launching, landing and flying in some unsuitable areas.

As you say, the most obvious places to fly are countyside areas but farmers are unhappy.

Fly in semi urban areas and you can be unpopular.

Fly where paragliders/gliders fly and you are unpopular (in my case the Pennines).

You can't win!!!!!!!

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