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How much will it cost?


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This year I`m planning to train to fly a Paramotor, but before I do so, what am I likely to have to pay for a decent second hand wing & motor kit? Money is not unlimited, and I will not be able to afford a new kit. There are adverts starting at about £1,500, but I don`t want to buy something that is going to need upgrading or replacing within a short time.



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Here is my advice (having been in the same situation when I started to fly)

Keep an eye inside of your local club, this site, and people that you know!

Take Pete B and Weesplat,

Both have second hand wings for sale, both known by all here....

This site ' should ' help you in your search.



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Hi Dave.

second hand motors are from 1500 to 2900 depending on type, power output, hours of use, service history etc.

Usually when a motor comes up for sale (ebay, paramotorsuk, this site etc) there is a flurry of posts of people asking whose is it, what do we know about it, whats the serial number etc. Very often you will quickly know how well known the motor is in the scene and whether it is good value.


lookout fo rmotors in the second hand market and then ask around (on this forum is a good place). You will get a pretty good idea of whether you should acquire it.

So you have a good motor, now the wing. Again a known wing is always a good bet, like the ones on sale here. If you go for an unknown, buddy up with someone from your locality and get them to check it out with you. They will help you decide if it is suitable and, if worth looking at, what its condition is.

When you've got your wing, send it for inspection to "The loft" or "Green Dragons" and get an inspection certificate. This will ensure the lines are correct length and the fabric is sound. Any problems they can fix for you. It is very important to ensure your second hand wing is "in trim". Even if it has a recent inspection report it may have been in the bag for some weeks and the lines (line sheaths) can shrink.

New kit costs up to 5000. second hand you would need to spend at least half that for decent stuff. I would spend as much as I could on the motor and expect to replace the first (cheap) wing after the first year.

New wings have a "life" of around 200 to 300 flying (sunshine) hours so you can expect to be buying a new wing every few years. some people part exchange them after a year or so like new cars.


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Dave, keep an eye out on this site as there are complete packages on there, for example a 10hr old H&E + Revo wing for £3300 OVNO, that kit is top notch (if the seller is honest with his descripton) and would last years, also a few grand saving from new. Just make sure you get the right size wing for your weight......

The way I did it was to pay for training and wait for a decent second hand wing and engine to come up for sale, worked a treat and saved me a load of dosh.

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Hi Dave, I have some good gear for sale if you are interested. If so, please contact me.

Paramotor & Wing Full Kit

H&E R120, 10 hours only, Low hang-points, centrifugal clutch, Cross bar, Michael Campbell-Jones harness,

tiny tach, Paramania Revolution 26 red hot - less than 2 hours flight, Spare Prop.

All like new. All manuals etc. Fantastic full kit.


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Hi all.

Believe it or not----go check Paramania web site -

http://flyparamania.com/index.php?optio ... 34〈=en

The 26 Revo is rated for 70kg to 150kg with power. Thats 11 stone to 23.5 stone! Even for Paragliding its rated at 11 stone to over 14 stone.

We all know its better to keep the wing loaded, so even Lardy boys should be OK with this wing under power.


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