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Revo2 Spirals and wingovers


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Hi :)

What trim settings do you use when doing spirals or wingovers on a revo2? I started doing shallow wingovers and they feel more stable when on 0 trim than on the 2/3 takeoff trim that Paramania suggests.

Does the Revo2 have any strange characteristics when doing a spiral? Is it easy to exit a spiral? Will it exit by itself without input?

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Guest chrisg547

I prefer doing wing overs on neutral. It feels too floaty on slower trim settings and i get wing tip flutter.

On your final wingover/turn keep a bit of brake on and bleed out the turn otherwise it balloons up and a bit to the opposite side with all the energy created.


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I've had some fun on the revo2. It really looks after your mistakes.

Trim depends on your weight vs wing size.

On 23 & 26 I liked full slow, it gives more control and more solid tips. On the 29 I liked a bit of trim so I had enough speed to wing it over nicely.

Anywhere between zero and take off felt good to me.

If your tips flutter, your probably not using enough outside brake or weight shift. Take it slow and steady, if they get bigger than wanted, come out smoothly with a big 360 turn, or be ready to dampen the surge.

Of course your well over 1000ft once you hit 1000ft stop playing and climb again.

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