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Paramania GTX


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I have had a go on the GTX

The wing comes up super fast... Take off run was short even on my V5.

Very Very Agile almost as agile as the GTR



Mark was it the 22 you flew,?

if so did you find you had to put more power on than when on your speedster?

I am just thinking wether it would give good fuel economy.

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Hi Dave

Yes it was the 22m

I did find i have to use full power to maintain with my V5 on full trim and bar.. Saying this it is 2m smaller than my Speedster and i am only climbing 100fpm max on full trim and bar. I would have to do a proper eco flight too compare it too my 24m speedster that gives me 3.1lph on full fast trim. :lol: (no Bar)

There were allot of things i liked about the GTX But A few things i didn't . Horses for courses....,

75kg pilot on a 24m speedster V5 combo and an 85kg pilot V5 GTX combo flying side by side , Speedster was slower on slow trim and I (75kg Pilot) was faster on trim and bar??

But the GTX was much more agile when you wanted to throw it around. Very solid feel

Going to be a Hard wing to beat in FAI comps.. But for XC i think i would still stay with my speedster for now. I do want another go when it gets thermic.

The Launch is stupidly easy... I recon you could even launch it with a tail wind!!! :lol:

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Thanks Mark, i was thinking of changing to a gtx from my nuc but did mot want to go back to a small wing and ceap economy, my last wing was a 23 revo 2, proberly keep the nuc for a few months more.

Reason i was so interested in how it flew for you is that i will be looking to change my motor after this summer, and will almost certainly be going for the v5 :-)

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I think allot of people will be going over to four strokes soon!!! ;-):explode:

Personally i would say at my weight 75kg the 22m is smalest size you could possible get away with with the GTX and V5 combo. 24m would be better as the 24m speedster is about perfect for my weight and available power.

Dave Have you had a go on the Speedster yet??

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Hi Thetrof

I am not sure how much thrust the ros has Bailey Has 60kg i am 75k and the 22m was the limit IMO for the V5... Just level flight on full trim and bar.

IMO the GTX was AS Agile as the GTR I tried it straight after... May be a little les... But was only a 30m blast

IMO always try before you buy...

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I was the 85kg pilot that flew with Mark on the V5 and the GTX 22m

My thoughts:

At 65kg on a PAP Pa 125 you'll have plenty of power!

It seemed significantly less efficient than the Speedster probably because it has so much reflex.

I turns and looses height in the turn like the GTR

It oscillates like the GTR in hands off flight and in my opinion would not be much good for XC flying as a result!

I definitely felt underpowered on the V5. But had plenty on the Speedster 24 and can maintain height on speedbar on my V5. I free flew the 24 speedster the other day at 5kg above max placarded weight and it was brilliant. (I'm 85kg naked.)

Having said all that the GTX launches very easily and is no doubt a fun wing to fly.

I have just ordered an Ozone Slalom 21......

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Flown my Paramania GTX 22 a couple of times now.

I'm 85kg flying the AirConception Titanium Moster with 75kg thrust.

Lovely wing. Very fast. 40km/h on slow, 60km/h on fast trim, 70km/h speedbar.

No oscillations at all.

Yes with no opposite brake it dives which is great fun something I enjoy. Using some opposite brake you can limit this dive as much or little as you want. Handles very similar to the GTR. Feeling wise I would say it is a little softer than the GTR. The brakes are lighter but get heavy quickly the more you pull. Tip steering is excellent. Can do wing overs on tips alone. Tips give enough feedback to tell you some of what's happening when flying in challenging conditions.

I would say at 85kg the 22m is an advanced wing. If you are lighter I would say it broadens its user ability. If you are unsure then wait for the 24.

I expect good economy and some good distance with the speed.

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Hi Vince

Both my self and Luke suffered with oscillation. ??? could be our set up??

We will have to try it out again.. As i flew side by side with luke i am the lighter pilot by 10kg on the bigger 24m speedster. I was slower on slow trim and faster on fast trim and fast trim and bar ? My ave speed is 60kph Did you measure it correctly.

Even at 75kg i thought the wing was an advanced wing.

Diving on the turn is just pilot/user Error as vince said you need opposite brake.

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Vince. I see in the video that it looks like you transport your paramotor fully assembled on a bicycle carrier? Is that correct?

I have the same paramotor but was worried the carbon spars would break supporting the whole weight like that. Have you had any problems? Driven on any rough roads or at highway speeds?

Love the light weight and compact size when disassembled but my primary flying field is only 5 minutes from home and I'd love to not waste time assembling and breaking down every flight.

Oh yes. Thanks for the video as the GTX is on my short list to replace my Revo2 and I'm looking for any info I can get.

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