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New in Dorset ...


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Hi AdEves

Thanks for your reply.

I actually managed a short fly north of Shaftesbury from a strip called Wing Farm (galaxymicrolights.co). Beautiful area.

My kit is:

- PAP125

- ITV Dakota

I am in the process of upgrading the wing as too slow. It can be de-trimmed but I can't keep up with true reflex. So looking at Dudek and Paramani...

This one one other reason I want to meet up with people...

A friend let me try his Nucleon and going back to the Dakota was a bit of a shock

What do you fly with?

On the experience side, I qualified last spring from a French club in Normandie. So went through the whole theory exam etc... Oh, I'm French by the way.

Experience: 50 hours and can't wait to clock more.

Happy to meet up even if not for flying. Thanks!

Eric (ps. Will post a vid so you can see my level)

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Hi Badger

Thanks for your response

I work in London so Bristol is not that far if you would like to show me some site over there as well.

As for Dorset - yes please!!!

See my response to AdEves for my kit and story.

How often do you go down to the south west?

What kit do you fly with.

Thanks again!


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We fly from a site near Chichester, and it can be used by others with a reciprocial agreement and contacting me in advance.

I regularly caravan in near Wimborn Minster so I am sure we can work something out :)

Have a look at this link and contact me before hand.




Can you P.M. me your details :)

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