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Relocation Relocation Relocation

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Happen to see Relocation Relocation Relocation last evening on Channel 4. There was some bloke called Malcolm who they were house hunting for South of Swindon. Bald rotund fella.

Anyway he paramotors & they showed a short clip of paramotoring & Malcolm (?) landing. Landed with his engine on & nearly fell backwards ! Not the best "PR" but he lived to buy a new house. :lol:

Paul C

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Although one of the nicest people you will meet, does not have a great success rate with his Paramotor flying :-)

He is not one of my students but he has flown from the Flagpole (they were the days) and Membury Neither went well for the poor sod. To the point where he has decided to bin the idea for something else.

I think keeping current was his biggest problem (was / maybe still on this forum)


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