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Wanting to get started

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Recently I've been looking into the various Paramotors available, and have been looking at the used ones on the market. I came across a Black Devil Paramotor with an Ozone Indy Glider, both of which are used, but appear to be in good condition.

Are these good to get started on? Or does anyone have any recommendations on good wings and motors for absolute beginners.


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Would recommend finding an instructor before considering kit - they can advise on what's best and what you should avoid.

Where abouts are you? You may find there's an instructor near you. Worth sorting this before potentially buying kit that may not be suitable.

The wing in particular is something you should consider thoroughly, and obviously depends also on your budget. Something like a Revo2 is suitable for beginners and new is 2.5k+. If your budget is a bit less, I have a Sting PowerPlay I'm selling at the moment-its what I learnt with and is in good condition. Will get this relisted in the classifieds section on this site.

As I say, deffo worth discussing with instructor before buying kit initially



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hook up with an instructor dude! It WILL save you money and may save your life. It will also answer your questions. :-)

People in this sport / on this forum, WANT to help and advise people but genuinely your best advice is to find an instructor, hence the answer above.

There are so many variables which can effect your kit selection, (the main ones being your weight and the safety rating of your kit.)

Its great fun, but only if you have an idea what your doing first!

Welcome to the Paramotor Club!! :-)


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