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Nucleon sizing


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I'm 87Kg and flying Nucleon 25, unfortunatelly with Miniplane Top 80.

Even so, trimm full closed i get more than 1.5m/s climb rate. In a hot July evening i run more than 30meters and i barely take off, but once up in the air i don't feel i'm forcing too much the engine. Now in the winter, with the air being more "strong" and the wind always present, i have enough power to take off easy and fly confident to have enough power.

Trimm full closed 7400rpm, perfect for flying low, easy slalom etc.

Trimm full reflex - 8300rpm, acceptable for cross country.

Trimm full reflex and half speed bar - full rpm, about 9600, not recomended for too long or too often

Landing feels a little speedy, but flaring is very nice so the touch down is reasonable, without stress on legs or back.

Before Nucleon i used to fly Revo2 26, it required less running for take off, full reflex and full speedbar-9300rpm. Trimm closed i had enough power to play around.

I tried recently a Revo2 23, felt very agile at this size, 3-400 more rpm trimm closed than Nuc.

My engine is running fine, in 140 hours i changed only a piston ring and did usual maintenance. Just sold it and ordered a Moster, waiting for it to arrive and fly it.

Personally i woud never go to a size greater than 25, even with a weak engine. I don't fly higher than 150-200m max, usually much lower, so no need for powerfull engine to get me fast up there.

I have tried a Apco Force L and felt it sluggish for my taste, i would never gonna buy such a wing size.

But the size of your wing really depends on your own flying style and taste...

Maybe i missed to mention something, if you need more information ask.

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Nigle without turning it into a sales pitch like some, I will endeavour to make it simple; you don't get something for nothing.

Flying a smaller wing will require more power. When I fly my Nucleon 23 I can maintain 48mph airspeed on speedbar. The power to achieve this greater than when I am flying on a 31 or 34. This is why Dudek publish tighter weight ranges than other manufactures. This is to encourage and allow pilots to get the best out of their wing for general flying.

If you want more dynamic fun with true eye watering speed than load up a smaller wing and get more power. You can also go for a wing with a lot less reflex and claim back some efficiency and drop a wing size without power penalty, but be prepared to actively fly it in rougher air.

Structurally flying a smaller is not a problem, it's not going to rip apart; I've flown down to 12m2 under power without problems, but I would advocate that everyone goes out and does this.

In closing be mindful that when flying heavily loaded wings that if it ever goes wrong, it will go wrong big time! So be careful, as modern reflex wings have given us many years of safe flying, which can lead some into a false sense of security that their next wing will be as dependable as their last one.

PS just my opinion.

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Mariusp and Clive, thanks for taking the time for providing me with such detailed reports. I doubt now that downsizing in my case won't significantly reduce fuel/climb performance, my reason to change the wing was to be at a more ideal size for my 13 stone wet weight.

Vince, the GTX certainly sounds good but that big dot in the middle does nothing for me!

Thanks fellas


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I wasn't trying to sell a wing, I nearly suggested if going for a smaller wing is your taste then try a GTX if you get the chance. These new style wings have a lot of lift for the size.

and I would be expecting a nucleon2 in the next year.

It's good your on here to give advice on how changing size has effects on the nuc. I wouldn't offer that advice as I don't fly the nucleon.

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