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Where do people fly in Worcester


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Welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)

If you take a look through the regional clubs below you are sure to find a contact :-) It may even be worth a similar post in the closest area to you. :-)

I know there are people on this forum from that area so hold tight for a local reply.

Again, welcome!


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Hi we fly from the big feild on the powick roundabout behind the indian takeaway.there are around 6 ppgs that fly there,it has been waterlogged but ok to fly now,,give me a ring or text your num,is it just ppg or do you pg as well,,there are other sites we can also use but powick is the biggest,,07963718675 paramotormike & norbert will prob be in touch as well, 2morro looks good,,,but cold,

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Anyone flying out of Powick tomorrow afternoon? I am thinking of an XC from south of Leominster and with a nort westerly it seems as good a destination as any. Is there a petrol station near the field?

Hi yes petrol station next to feild,very cold here, hope you are well wrapped up:: send me a text before you t/o i can nip down to feild,,wind is forcast to be ne-east at worcs,,

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