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Using Common Land

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There is a piece of common ground near me that would make an ideal flying site. If there are no animals grazing on it, is there anything to stop me legally using it to take off? I'm going to anyway, until anyone complains - which is unlikely as its very rural - but keen to know where I stand.


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They all differ, but...

Its normally something like, ' This land can be used by the public for recreational purposes, as long as you don't start pissing people off'

We had a bit of common land next to our old house, people used to use it for MX, quads, and all sorts of stuff. no one minded so they were allowed to continue.

Local hearts and minds I recon and then go for it.


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Thanks. It is a lot more rural than the piece of common (actually military) land which we were using near the wind turbines down your way, Simon. I will give it a go and see how I get on. It looks ideal - a wide open hill with a gentle and even slope, flyable in all wind directions and with vehicle access. What could possibly go wrong?! I may call the council, as you did Pete, if I plan to use it regularly.

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So I used it today and there were no issues. Quick test of the engine and away, and I cut out 1500 ft above the ground for the landing over an hour later. A couple of locals walking their dogs were interested and said that they didn't have a problem. Perfect. I will use sparingly!

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