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I am new to the sport and have not taken my first flight as of now. Just working on ground kiting the wing. I had an ultralight aircraft when I was younger and decided I wanted to return to the sky and picked a paramotor to do it with. I have an instructor that recommended equipment to buy. I think he ordered me the incorrect size wing for my weight. We had a handful of wings to choose from and after talking to Aerolight out of Florida, US I decided to try the ITV Boxer. My instructor asked my weight and ordered a size medium. I think that wing is going to be to small. I weigh 200 pounds ( 90.8 kg ) my paramotor with gas weighs 70 pounds ( 31.8 kg ) my reserve chute weighs 8 pounds ( 3.6 kg ) and I figure helmet clothes and extra another 10 pounds ( 4.5 kg ) total = flight weight 283 pounds ( 128.4 kg )

The ITV Boxer's spec's for a medium wing are Max in flight weight = 209 pounds ( 95 kg ) Max extended weight 286 pounds ( 130 kg )

The ITV Boxer's spec's for a large wing are Max in flight weight = 264 pounds ( 120 kg ) Max extended weight 330 pounds ( 150 kg )

Can someone give me their opinion on the CORRECT size wing that I should have? Thanks, Kurt

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Is my total "in flight weight" suppose to be just under the "max in flight weight" rated for the wing or the "maximum extended weight"? What is the "maximum extended weight" for ? I'm thinking my actual in flight weight should be under but close to the "Max in flight weight" rating of the wing. Is this correct?

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Hi kwgkwg

I weigh 89Kg and have also bought an ITV boxer... a lovely wing by the way. I have the XL size option as I figure that my parajet is about 30KG and fuel and clothes are going to add another 15Kg or so (reserve to be added later). I understand that the XL wing has a minimum in flight weight of 110Kg and a max of 150Kg (max extended is 180Kg) so I think this wing should be perfect for me and my kit.

I've not flown the wing yet, but have been ground handling it loads. Its big, but should be a stable (slightly docile first wing).

We're about the same weight but I'm not confident that medium would be as safe for a beginner. My instructor was very keen for me to have a large safe wing that was forgiving. I'm pretty sure you could exchange the wing if it’s never been flown anyway!

Best of luck with it


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after more research the "Maximum extended weight" is for flying with a motor. My "perfect" wing would be between a medium and and a large. The option is either take a medium and load it heavy or take the large and be light in it. From what I have gathered it is safer to load the wing heavy and the performance will be better also. ( once I get experience ) The sink rate will be a little greater, take off's in no wind maybe a bit longer.

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