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weather warning

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Definately Stu, its a double birthday week aswell!! beer and cream cakes. yum yum.

If its too windy to fly how about a ground handling, reverse launch practice and kit checking day folks?

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Sunday looks like the day....I am intending to make a day of it say 1030 at the field. Bring your flasks chaps..Oh and £5 for Ed the farmer.

Shame your flying metal birds John... bet you wish you were flying a giant hankerchief.. :lol:

Pete you coimg to play? Stu I know you will be there, Jase & Rich? Kev's warming his motor up already... :D I'll phone the others.

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hi simon can confirm later in the week. Just took the wall out for the kitchen converstion. Her indoors might have something to say if i leave it as it is !!!.

still not got the motor. will give Gilo a call wens if it has not arrived.

Talk to you later

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Count Rich and I in folks......im all reserved and vario'd up now......just need to run the engine a bit this week........really looking forward to taking to the skies; i just hope the new wings arrive in time!

Parajetsimon and Rich..............i hope you will bring a few buns to have with the brew's to celebrate the b'days :)

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