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New to paramotor sport

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The first fly-in of the year is the end of next month if the weather allows, have you been to one? There's nothing like discussing the days flying round a fire with old friends. I'll introduce you to the local guys and show you where some other sites are.

I noticed that your motor isn't the most powerful machine I have seen, I saw it struggle during your launch attempt. One thing I might suggest if you don't mind is that you lean back slightly, I believe you would have made flying speed if you hadnt been leaning slightly forward.


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Nigel my engine is really powerful 20BHP in 6500rpm,with 125cm prop rich 9700rpm and 60kgthrust,but my spare prop 98cm cannot do it allot with 120kg load.I need make bigger outer ring(annual is 120cm )because last time I put 125 prop ,cocking out of frame 3cm, result-destroyed ,if I make frame 145cm and put 130cm prop,will be easy 65 kg thrust with weight 28kg(engine+frame,e.t.c +10litres fuel) ,but now I have what I have.

stuartasutherland Dell is private business man ,He need new customers(fresh cannon fodder)for me hi is scamer ,Im not worry by your comment,you need to see comments about Dell http://tinyurl.com/bgq85vq

http://tinyurl.com/b9yz767 , http://tinyurl.com/a7j8q5g

I dont wont spend 3000£ or 4000$ for the some equipment if I can build a lot better one for 3 x less

Im engineer and I know what to do,bigger satisfaction is fly on something what you build your own and you can trust it,with knowledge where is the limit ,then go and spend few grands,and after brake or crash,cry and swear it. 8)

P.S. everybody know why the frame must be a lot bigger then propeller-but Im incorrect man,now is the time to change that. :explode:

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