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Bailey snap 100


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I flew and owned a Bailey Snap 100 for nearly 400hrs and weigh 80kg too. The answer to your question is Yes it can easily fly an 80kg pilot. I now fly a Bailey V5 but in my experience the Snap actually got me off the ground faster! In reality the V5 has more thrust (60kg) but it still takes longer to take off. I can only speculate as to why but as with everything the specifications on paper don't tell the whole story. The Snap had about 47kg thrust with a 130 prop and I also flew it with a 125 wooden but couldn't really tell the difference in real use.

John Coutts

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The V5 has been tested on http://www.ojovolador.com/ with a measured thrust figure of 62kg if i remember correctly.

We have Pilots down her who are over 100kg flying V5's. There climb rate is acceptable 2/250fpm 60kg of thrust never going to match the Power of a 2 banger.

If i remember correctly Bubba had been told 60kg of thrust was not enough for an 80kg pilot???? :roll: My mate is 85-90kg V5 flying a 24m speedster...

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