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Titanium Ultra 130


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Looking for a new paramotor a few months ago, I asked about the Titanium Ultra 130. It would appear that not a lot is known about it in the UK. I eventually ordered one in October, direct from Air Conception in Paris (I'm currently in France). When I get to fly it, I'll let you know if it's any good.

Basics are:

Similar frame design to Miniplane (although in titanium)

Engine is the Ventor 130cc

Thrust is 64kg with 125cm carbon prop (claimed)

Weighs about 21kg (claimed)

Electric start only (dual start is an option)

Price (with weight-shift bars) about £4,000 (converted from Euros)

The power to weight looks good. However, the Ventor engine is an unknown to me, so I can only hope it's reliable. I will let you know how this goes and how easy/difficult it is to get parts.

Waiting time was supposed to be 6 weeks. Recent e-mail says it'll now be January 8/9th at earliest before I get it. Unexpected delay is not a good start. They did apologise and offered to post it to me when it's ready. Just as well the weather's crap here in France.

Will keep you posted.


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Claimed weight is accurate.

The h-130 is the lightest at 19.6kg

Ventor is 20.6kg

Moster 21.6kg

using the Swan Neck weight shift adds 1kg but well worth it. No torque effect and excellent weight shift with in flight balance.

There is a wait time on the Ventor or H-130 (typically 6 weeks, a delay in this case) , the Moster is quicker and typically 2 weeks.

UK Price including taxes etc £4295 inc delivery and with UK dealer support.

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