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Bulldog in the US


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I often enjoy reading the paramotor reviews at footflyer.com, so recently emailed Jeff Goin to ask if he had any intention of reviewing the Bulldog in the near future. I explained it was quite highly regarded in the UK, and this was his reply:

If I can get my hands on one then I'll gladly fly it and review it but I don't think they're selling in the U.S. or at least I haven't seen any at our events.

So if anyone knows of a Bulldog in the US, please get in touch, as it would be great to see the review.



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Hi Nick

I don’t think any of our Dogs are in the US yet; unless someone smuggled one in.

To date I only supply within the UK, although I have had many enquiries in the last two years from other countries. I have resisted rising to the challenge as I wanted to make sure that Bulldog as a product could walk before it runs.

Teething problems are easer manage if they are not all spread over the world. Finding good partners in production is not as straight forward as it seems and takes time to sort out. And finally being happy with ones own processes is also a challenge, hence the intentional delay.

2013 I hope to open Bulldog up to other countries, but I am looking for strong partners who will become importers and resell through dealers within their own territory. Not looking for dealers in the conventional sense. Interested parties can contact me to find out more.

So, I don’t think Jeff Goin will review one until such time. Although he could have tried one at Basse Ham this year if I know he was interested.


Skype: cliveuk

0044 7736553834 (including facetime)

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