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Help Please! Polini Thor Volution questions


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As a newbie I bought direct from the factory (they were faultlessly helpful and friendly) although I think you can't beat a face to face with a good paramotor dealer who can answer stupid questions and talk you through certain aspects of your beautiful new motor before you go and trash it! A lesson to any other newbie out there! :?

I wandered if anyone could help answer some questions on the Polini Thor 200 Volution.

The supplied manual is for the Volution XT and another one for the Polini, neither of which are massively helpful (although kind of Polini to supply the French and Italian versions also!).

1. What is the best way of charging the LiPo battery, I've been warned Optimate is not suitable? Any idea if it should be supplied with a charger? (It is an electric start version!)

Should the battery be disconnected when it sits unused for a bit, if so how?

2. Should there be a start isolate switch on the chassis, if so where? Coming from other types of aviation it seems a bit odd to have a permanently live start switch.

Any help appreciated.

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Be very careful with the lipo batteries!

They should have supplied one to suit the number of cells, volts and milliamps!?

You should be able to pick one up easy enough from model suppliers, but check you have the right connectors for the battery pack and also the smaller one that reads the individual cells-very important.

Just check utube for lipo battery fun and games.....

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Parajet should give you an excellent lipo charger as part of the sale as they did me just a few months ago :lol: ,dont use an optimate, you need a specific lipo charger which balances the cells aswell,I dont bother to disconnect my battery when not in use ,just make sure you turn off the main isolation switch which will be on the chassis somewhere.

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