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Black hawk


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For 5500 Eur you can have a brand new complete kit. ( 7100 canadian converted to Eur )

Have a friend with the 120 and loved it to learn on but wasn't enough for him so he stepped up to the Rodeo

That is all I know... One of my friends is looking at the new BlackHawk 175 Talon and it is hard to find info on them also.. Not alot of reviews.

Sorry I can tell you more


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Hi mate! I have got a Blackhawk MZ100 and as far as I know, the chassis and frame are identical the Black Devil 172. It is quite easy to do any repair and make the parts you may need in case of damage. Netting is very easy to fit. Chassis made of mild steel tube so easy and simple to get it repaired too. If the engine on the 172 is offset in hight like mine, makes it very forgiven on bad landings (skidding). If you are experienced, that is not a great advantage but if you are starting, it definitely is. The Black devil 172 is not a current design of engine but sold so many that you should not have problems buying spares or props for it. Parajets own engines are partially based on that engine, as far as I know so it cannot be that bad. Its powerful enough for any pilots weight. (if it is good for the americans, you probably can do tandem with it easily). If you decide to buy it and need any help at all, with frame and chassis parts or repair, feel free to get in touch. I hope this helps.

Take care and fly safe!!!


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