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Ground Handling Harness


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There are several trains of thought - new vs secondhand, basic (ie. builders) vs "proper" (ie. paragliding) harness, padded vs unpadded...

Personally, I practice my ground handling using a secondhand "proper" Sup-Air paragliding harness - it has some back protection, is fully adjustable, has a couple of pockets for bits & pieces (ie. anemometer) and is comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time. Think I paid £110 for it on eBay including two decent carabiners & postage.

I'm glad I invested in a decent harness as I started learning to handle a wing - spent more than one occasion on my arse, as I guess you will too. Nice to have a bit of protection should you be dragged across a field or worse... like most things in life, I guess you get what you pay for.

Not planning to sell it anytime soon, but when I do... well, I guess it won't have depreciated much either.

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