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Simulator Throttle

Did you learn with a simulator throttle?  

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  1. 1. Did you learn with a simulator throttle?

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Hi everyone, taking my paramotor course in May of 2013 and have bought myself a wing to practice my kiting skills (will receive before Christmas). I have read the PPG Bible about 4-5 times already and love it. Great intoduction rto the sport and lots of references for old and new paramotorists!

I read that it's a good idea to practice with a dummy throttle or simulator so that when you finally start adding a throttle to the mix you are ahead of the game...so I made one.

Very simple. I just cut up an old mountain bicycle handlebar and capped the ends with wood (Walnut in my case) and added a bit of Velcro and a buckle and voila!

A Simulator Throttle.

Hope it helps...if anyone has any comments or infor that makes this wrong or right...please let me know.

Canadian PPGer to be.

Here are the pictures I took:






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Did you put a spring in it to simulate pressure on the lever?

I suspect you may have gone slightly overboard on the detail. Just an appropritely sized stick would give you the practise holding the brake with something else in your hand.

Good effort in prototype manufacture and a sound idea.

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