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Black Hawk Talon 175


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Does anyone have any feed back on these. A buddy of mine that wants to get into PPG also has been looking at them and I don't know anything about them and it is hard to find any reveiws on them. All I can find is the salton sea event with the test there. 179lbs of thrust? really. I know it is below sea level and all but that is pretty high specs. http://blackhawkparamotor.com/parmotors/blackhawk-talon-175-paramotor/

The only reveiw we have found was footflyers.com

My buddy only has 8000 dollars to spend on a kit and this is why he is looking at them 7100 for a complete kit. I told him to save alittle motor and buy something that has been around for a while

I am the type of guy that goes of others mistakes . I try to see what works and last so the up front cost may be alittle higher but the end cost is cheeper. ( buy a good motor that will last , instead of buying a motor that needs parts all the time.. It is going to be a polini thor 200 for me ..... They have been building motors for years

Any thoughts.

thank you


Merry Christmas to everyone and their families

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