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Holiday video


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1 min 40 odd seconds before you looked at your tips! :shock::shock:

Great vid Pete.


When Skydiving i'm supposed to check my canopy every time it deploys but i don't or i forget after 50, 100, 200 jumps you get the feel of the canopy and i can tell whether it's opened correctly or not and whether i have end cell closure or not, i would have thought it was the same with Paramotoring or Paragliding but not as obvious?

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Only once have I launched with a cravat.

Never again.

I take off, and as soon as I can, no matter how it feels, I look at both tips.. suppose it's just habit after flying into as cliff in Cyprus.

Again though, great vid.

Pete, who did you go with, how much did it cost blah blah blah.


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I went with paraventure It was £100 each to get the motors over (min of 10 but I dont think this covered the cost)

Price? About £5-600 approx

£49 return

£45 bristol airport car park.

But you get to fly every day (weather permiting )

Google costa tropical

Pete b

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