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Openair UK Airspace download


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hello i haven't managed to find an answer to getting the open air file for the flymaster live  for this year 2016 , the link above in topic does take you to an open air file but just opens as a text file , right clicking and saving link to file makes the file overload the flymaster , Does anyone out there have the airspace files for this year to put into a flymaster live ( not sd ) ?

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To download the Airspace now you need to use a program called AS Select (from http://soaringweb.org/Airspace/UK/). It only works in windows so if you have a Mac then open it in Wine (download this for free too) - and it then works.


The text files for download on http://soaringweb.org/Airspace/UK/ are just height's layers which contain big numbers and not the airspace you are after - so make sure you download you files through AS select.

I can send you a recent airspace .txt file if you struggle with AS select, but if I were you get AS select to work and you will be fine.

Alternatively you can download airspace files from notaminfo - if you have an account and are also a donator (you only need to donate a quid or so as a minimum).



Flymaster - are you sure they use .txt format? and not some propriatory format?

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