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Ross 125 tick over


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My Ross 125 doesn't like ticking over when first started even once warm. I have raised the tick over a little bit, before I start tinkering any further I though I would ask if anybody has got any ideas.

I don't use choke as its never needed it, I prime it. Start it with a bit of throttle. Then warm it up on my back but it keeps cutting out once it returns to idle until its been running for a while. Prob about 10 mins. Then it will idle fine. Is there a possibility it could be the oil blocking the idle jet until its desolved by the petrol flowing through the carb?

All this makes getting airborne a pain in the arse as I start it on the deck then put it on then clip in and go. But it cuts out while I am putting it on!!!

Thanks for reading peeps. Stu

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Possibly a WG8 ?

If you need to start on part throttle it sounds like your low jet is blocked/restricted.

And unless your using old cooking oil you wont have a problem with oil residue. Just usual build up of dirt and debris after time.

Can be cleaned quite quickly with spray intake cleaner. Just don't forget to make a note of the low setting before removing the needle :D

As for not using the choke? its a far more measured device for delivering a higher fuel/air ratio than squeezing a primer bubble and poking sticks at a thin rubber membrane :?

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I think I may have Sussed it. Before going all out I thought I would have a little play with the mixture screw. As I said when I posted originally I haven't touched anything on it since buying it, just made sure it wasn't hanging off,

Any way once I had got it warm on my back I took it off. Left it on the floor and as expected it slowly died and wouldn't respond to throttle the cut out.

Started it again which was a bit of an effort but eventually fired up. But this time I had a chance to wind the mixture screw in and out before it cut out. When I done this I got a noticeable increase in revs to the point the clutch started to bite. Obviously the cause of the problem as I sat and ticked over spot on till I hit the kill switch.

The part that I what to know is, could the mixture be out due to the whether being that much colder , maybe the screw has moved through vibration?

Just after some opinions.

Thanks. Stu

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