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Wing tip drag gone wrong..

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no idea if this has been up on here before..interesting incident..


well, he was very honest..progression to learning tip drag is a bit harsh intit? Perhaps over shallow water with a lifejacket? I have never done one except for speedfly wingovers but it seemed to me he needed to pull the wrong over alot harder from higher up so he is above the tip when it drags the ground...rather than below it... :/

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I saw the original footage which he posted up before this edit. The FlatTop was pretty much destroyed.

The chaps in the video were just praising Sir Dell's amazing safety machine. He was very lucky not to break a leg.

To be fair, he had ball to try that. I wouldn't!

Or no concept of what would happen if it went wrong!!

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I'm with Pete. He was simply trying to copy Dell before he had the tools. I've tried a tip down a few times but always chicken out within about 4 ft of the ground. I conclude that it's not "that" important to succeed at tip drags. More important to succeed at pre flight checks and flight plans. Not knocking the guy, and I'm glad he's ok. Now he's wiped out his Flat Top he'll be ready for a Parajet

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