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Are you a lefty or a righty?


Which throttle hand are you  

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  1. 1. Which throttle hand are you

    • Right handed - Right hand throttle
    • Right handed - Left hand throttle
    • Left handed - Right hand throttle
    • Left handed - Left hand throttle

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First off - Hi all & thanks for the hours of reading you have provided me on your awesome forum, you seem to have a great community going on here and cant wait to catch up with some of you at the next flyin.

I’ve just returned back from being in NZ and Australia for the last 9½ years to the Welsh valleys, while I was in NZ I started Paragliding and progressed through to doing my SIV course and brought all my gear back with me hoping I would find time to get up over here. However I got back in June and that hasn’t exactly worked out so for, then I got talking to a friend about it and he had a friend who was selling an unused Walkerjet Simon RR paramotor which got me to thinking how perfect that would be for the farm. Anyways 24hrs later I was the proud owner of a paramotor!

So before I start and get too accustomed to one way or the other I want to get some info on what throttle hand people go for and why? At the moment I'm thinking left might be the way to go so I can keep my righthand free for more important things like taking photos or pulling reserve etc.

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Hi and welcome to the forum, the decision on which hand to fly is also dictated by the machine you are flying a little if it is a pull start.

I am right handed and prefer to fly with a right handed throttle as I find I have slightly better control in my right hand.

However my new machine is pull start and I find It much more difficult to pull start with my left hand, so I have now changed to left hand throttle.

So I now pull start with my right, this also give the advantaage of easier shots with a camera / changing radio / changne music etc with my right. And to be honest it only took a couple of flights to get used to it.

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I am left handed and use a left hand throttle.... But i have better control of the risers with my right hand and my right arm is stronger. Like barry i use this for my pull start.

Also one BIG advantage of a left hand throttle is NO one makes a left handed Camera... :wink:

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cheers for the info guys, hadn't thought about the pull start hand but lucky I dont need to worry about that with my motor at the moment. I'm quite surprised so many have gone right handed with right hand throttle - would this mean you would pull your reserve with left hand or ditch the throttle and then pull reserve with right hand?

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I'm right handed (ish) with a left hand throttle. This is partly because my motor came with the throttle on the left and partly because my instructor advised me to keep it that way so I have my right hand free for other tasks.

With regard to throwing the reserve - I've never done so, but I would imagine I would use whichever hand was nearest, regardless of whether that hand had the throttle strapped to it.

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