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The tale of the twisted line


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Weather’s not been bad this week, grass a little damp but had a flight on Thursday and was at the field again yesterday.

There was a small breeze, always good to help with the launch as I’m not as fit as I should be just at the moment.

Got all prepped up, laid the wing out in the usual way pulling all the lines taut to give a clean inflation. The wind streamer was set up to my right, plenty of runway ahead of me.

Heave on the wing and as soon as it was in the air it took a sharp right hand turn. I tried to turn with it but there was my pole with the streamers on top so had to abort.

Got laid out again, slightly different angle into wind, pulled the wing up and exactly the same thing happened. Bo****ks I thought, this wing had developed a magnetic attraction to my wind streamer, what’s going on?

I decided to move the pole further back so if I did have to turn again sharply it wouldn’t be in the way. Laid the wing out again moving it around a little more as the wind direction had changed a smidgen.

Right, the third attempt, concentrate on the feeling through the risers. Nicely balanced until half way up and then a strong pull to the right again, have to abort again. The air turned very blue!!! I had a short rest and thought there must be something wrong here so laid the wing out again and inspected all the lines whilst standing next to the canopy.

Ah-ha, the second D line in was caught around the outer most top cascade, on the right hand side of course. Now how on earth had that stayed caught up through three layouts of the wing? I certainly don’t know. My only excuse for not seeing it earlier is that the D line was green lying on green grass, very poor I know.

The fourth launch was perfect so I did manage to get a short flight in, hooray.

Cheers, Alan

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Once I had a similar thing, except I managed to take off.

Only after starting to veer off towards a power line did I realise something was wrong :shock: .

I landed, and checked the wing, and could not believe that the stabiliser line was twisted around a B line. A gentle untwist and all was sorted.

I would have thought the force on the lines would have untwisted them, but this was not so.

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