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A complaint in Guildford.


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Hey folks,

Any chance you guys can find out who this chap is and re-educate him about the 500ft rule?

Dear Sir,

I'm writing to you in the hope that you can locate a hang glider who has been causing a nuisance this weekend.

I live in Guildford, Surrey and on Saturday afternoon between 15.15 and 15.30, experienced a hang glider circling at extremely low altitude (I would estimate at around 100 feet) above a residential area shouting and whooping and making loud engine noises. He approached from the south and after making several passes and turns involving very loud engine noise he went off to the north east over the downs. He returned on Sunday at 10.30 also at very low altitude though without the shouting.

The area is known as the Chantries, just north of the A281 and Shalford Playing Fields.

The antics of the hang glider caused distress to local residents and particularly to their pets and I write this on behalf of several people who were extremely annoyed by the event. I also saw a horse rider in the adjacent lane struggling to control her horse - clearly a less experienced rider could have sustained serious injury.

We obviously have hang gliders here from time to time and we respect their desire to practice their hobby in such a lovely area - they have in the past however stayed very high.

The hang glider in question was a male and had a hang glider with a blue leading edge and white rear.

I would very much appreciate it if you could arrange to contact the individual in question and to ask that he does not repeat this behaviour. I have not contacted the CAA but will have no hesitation in doing so if there is any re-currence.

I spoke to a local pilot, who saw this chap fly over his house and said it was a Blue Speedster wing.

If anyone knows who it is, please get them to give me a call so I can just have a chat and let them know where this chap lives so that they can avoid his house.


Steve Haze

Wing And A Chair.COM

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Looks, from what everyone is saying, like a normally sensible pilot who was buzzing a mate.

Doesn't make it right though, but hopefully it was a one off.

I agree that the complaint was done right. Fair play that he is trying to give the pilot a chance, instead of just picking up the phone to the police or CAA.

Guildford is an amazing area to fly & it would be a shame to have restrictions imposed.

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