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Receiving issue


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I have just found out that my Alinco dj v7 is not picking up any transmissions. It will transmit fine. The speaker is working so it not that...

When i push the moni button it will pick up static and the green receiving light will come on?? I have tried to scan through channels but will not pick up anything.

I have rest the handset back to default settings and still nothing..

Any ideas??

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Hi Morgy,

As the Moni button works, transmit a signal from another radio and press the Moni button on yours to see if you hear the speech.

If you don't (as I'm guessing) then there is probably a faulty component in the receive chain, probably the reference crystal for the second mixer.

I'll have a look if you send it over,

Cheers, Alan

Edit: You said the speaker was working, do you also get the 'noise' on the headset? Just wondering if the plugs and sockets are OK.

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Hi Alan

I was just talking about you with Barry....

This is a very odd problem..... I have had a chance to try it out with steve Haze's radio the exact same model... when the Moni button is pressed you can pick up the signal and hear the voice... Without moni Nothing. We tried the same thing with steve's Spare at the same time as mine and he is getting 5 bar's mine only gets 3 bar signal with Moni Pressed, When i transmit i transmit on 5 bars???

We have swapped antena's still the same . I have restored my radio to the factory setting the very same as steve's radio, Still the same..

I have tried to scan for the past two day's when i am out driving around and have picked up nothing...

Any idea's ????

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Hi Alan

You mean you wont cover the cost of the postage!!! :roll::lol:

Thanks for the offer Please send me your address and i will ship it to you.

Please let me know if i owe you anything for parts or your time.

If you PM me your bank details i will reimburse you any costs.



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