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Extreme flying


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Keeping in with the trend of open questions, I've got one of my own.

I have a few flights under my belt now and have started getting a lot more confident in making the wing go where I want it to.

My question is this:

What is the most extreme flying you have done, whether it be one manoeuvre, a whole flight, or a miss hap,

I have no intention of "trying this at home" but am interested in what sort of flying others like.

Thanks peeps.

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Hi Fly_mow, the most extreme (mishap) was trying to fly through a wire fence :oops:

I was low experience at the time, it was my 31st flight, and I totally missed the fact that the wind had picked up. I wasn't descending as quickly as I hoped, the motor had already been killed and I ran out of field, hence crashing into the fence.

Not the sort of flying/landing I like I hasten to add. Always look at the wind sock :lol:

Cheers, Alan

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SIV in Nepal started at 4 thousand feet to do big wing overs and spun the wing massive cascades, at one or more times I could have reached out and caught the wing as it shot back up past me.

Fought the wing all the way trying to control it instead of just putting hands up, as luck had it the wing sorted its self out at 100 feet and I just got back to dry land.

WE laughed and joked about it at the time but it took me 6 months to feel confidant flying again.

It was not untill I got back to the UK and was talking about it that someone said "at what hight did you think about throwing your reserve?" the answer was I was so busy trying to control the wing that I did not even think of throwing it :shock:

So if it goes tits up and you dont know what to do!! do nothing and get your hand on your reserve ready.


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That is mental!!! I am banking with a bit of weight shifting and not even getting level with the inside wing tip. And that's my idea of throwing it about. Love the idea of wing overs. Just i don't know if I would have the balls to try it. And not any time soon.

And the landing in the fence, I can see how easily it is done. So much going on it the last 50 ft it's easy to miss stuff. I done three approaches a few flights back before landing each time remembering something I hadn't done, trimmers, leg support, got there in the end tho!!!!

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First one was 5th flight and trying to fly through a tree.

Next was flying when I should not have. Got slowly blown over a ridge. Managed to stay calm and find a way out of the turbluance (low hours at this time to)

Third was similar to Paul’s, at 6000 feet I hit crazy wind shear that just turned my glider into this uncontrollable rag. It was so crazy I gave up for the most part and had the hand on the chute. Once I was thrown (and I mean thrown) below the wind shear the glider started to fly normal. I was out 50k or so but the first flat land I found that’s where I landed and called in for a pick up. I didn’t fly for 3 weeks after that

In each case the issues where my fault.

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