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Best POV Camera

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As per title really what do people consider the best POV camera to get. I know that the Gopro range always come out really well but I remember hearing about a new Sony camera that is supposed to be brilliant. But I cant find any information about it.

Once I have a list of contenders I might jus make it a poll so that others can see it easily in future.


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I cant comment on the Sony camera, but I have the drift HD, its a cracking piece of kit and tough too, its give really clear video thats good quality. However, it has to be mounted side on to give a true picture of what your seeing, I have it mounted on the top of my helmet and is there fore side one, I can rotate the footage when editing but it messes up the aspect ratio.

The drift really is a good piece of kit and is a bit cheaper than the Go Pro range, when I was using it on the bike it was great, but now I'm flying I find the way it mounts a bit limiting and I have just advised my dad to get the Go Pro, which is what I will be doing in future. Also after comparing the footage of both cameras I have to admit the Go Pro wins, and the mounting options are excellent!

Cheers Lee.

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I have the new Sony Action Camera (HDR-AS15) and I absolutely love it!

That said, I haven't had a chance to fly with it and I've never had a different POV camera so can't give an objective apprasal. It was only just released the other week.

My kids took it to the swimming pool at the weekend for a Birthday party and it was filming in, out and under the water with amazing clarity, perfect sound whilst getting knocked about. I also set it up and control it via wifi on my iphone which is real snazzy. You can instantly download the films to your phone, computer etc by wifi too.

I think its a really great bit of kit... I'll happily recommend it although I think the wifi version is the one to go for.


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Ok I almost made my mind up and thought I would share this video that I just watched for any one else who is interested.

This compares the GoPro 2, GoPro 3 Black and the Sony HDR-AS10 I have to say that after watching this and other videos I am still leaning towards the Sony.

I love the Image stabilasation on the sony.

Now I just need to shop around and check out the prices, that is the only bit I have still to look at. That might just make the difference. But to be honest that quality of all three is excellent.

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Just found the prices.

1. Sony HDR AS10 - No Wifi - £118 - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-SONY-HDR- ... 1c2ca714c9

2. Sony HDR AS15 - With Wifi - £225 - http://www.waeplus.co.uk/product/127427 ... r-FHD-Wifi

3. Go Pro Silver - Approx £170 - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GoPro-HD-HERO ... 46076f5a00

4. Go Pro Black - Approx £360

Unless some one has a really compelling reason to go for a go pro I think I justt need to decide if I want to pay the extra for the wifi on the Sony.

the Sony HDR AS10 just seems to goo to be true at that price - any thoughts?

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