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Hi, I've had my first flight in Saudi and now I'm looking to buy kit. Having looked around the Web my choices so far have narrowed to a Paramania Revolution or Windtech Evo wing with a PAP 1400R4L with Ros 125cc engine or a Parajet Volution Titanium. I am 172cm and weigh 105Kg, what combination of equipment would you recommend for me?

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Hi mate,cant comment on the wings myself but heard good reviews on the revo but I use the pap ros 125 and absolutley love it,light and powerful which is what I wanted,I fly a dudek reaction wing. Good combo in my personal opinion and experience,good luck with choice gaz

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Hi alan and welcome.

I love the volution, it is very smart and its engineering is impressive, all aero section tubes and machined anodised aluminium part. It has a three blade prop curved carbon with each blade replaceable.

I used to have a PAP and it was great but I much prefer my parajet.

If you are looking at the Revolution you should also consider the Dudek Synthesis. They have similar performance but the Dudek (in my opinion) has a better build quality and might be cheaper.

I flew in Fujairah last winter, so only the other side of Oman from you! What is the flying scene like in Saudi? Is it legal, what qualidfications do you need? Are you allowed to have radios? What frequencies can you use there?

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Thanks for the advice, I'll look at the Dudek Synthesis wing.

The flying scene in Saudi is fledgling, I've lived here for about 18years and just found out about the sport last year and luckily got to know one of the Pilots through work. He is a Saudi and is a BMAA Paramotor instructor. He has trained me and I've since helped him organise a course for some of my work Colleagues. We are hoping to form a club. As far as legality goes, there is a civil aviation club where we can fly legally but outside of there, like most things in Saudi, it is hit & miss. We do use radios and normally use VHF 140-170Mhz.


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I have a paramania revolution (28) and pap ros125.....cant fault the combo!!

The wing pops up everytime and although I havent messed around with the trims for speed yet, I am waiting for better weather and...well..................errrr confidence!!

The moroe is still being run in and starts on the button.........well it would really its brand new!!!

By the way I weigh in at 105kg and am 6'4".


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Hi Alan

I fly the ROS 125 1400 Great Power to weight machine, Im 100kg plenty of power in reserve.

At the moment I fly with v slow freeflight wings but have just demo'd the Revolution and the ITV Dakota,

I think i will go for the Dakota.Excellent Wing.

SkyDragons being on my doorstep it was easy to demo a couple of wings and having the latest Pap & Ros motors instock meant there was no waiting. :D


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