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New Old stock wings

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Hi Guys. while wishing to combine my training for both Paramotors and Paragliding i have come across a offer from a reputable school regarding new old stock for sale . these Paraglider wings are circa 2005-2007 . brand new and will be checked and sold with 1 year warranty any thoughts as to the downside of this good deal( Bang for bucks new glider at budget price --not cheap but considering cost of new glider its Good ) these were Made by FreeX which i beleive are no longer in bussiness but have offloaded their stock to various clubs/dealers etc ( To get what revenue they can i suppose).. either way i could save alot of money as these are brand new DHV 1 & DHV 1-2 Models -- material degradation ref lines/wing etc -- my belief is since they have not been exposed to UV and will have a Porosity test what other areas should i ask about :D Ps MY EP training is now complete and looking into CP strickly speaking i decided to go this route before Paramotoring so that i tick all the boxes, Spoke to and Visted Simon a month or so back and thanks to his great advice undesrstanding of my Disability ( Im Profoundly deaf --Put it this way when the battery runs out im 100% deaf LOL ) i am now armed with the a lot info i needed and whereas i know i'll be a paramotorist very soon this deal seemed to make sense .. so general thoughts and experiance regarding the wing would be appreciated guys ( already have my Fly gold 110 paramotor but it's mothballed until i do my training with Simon) .. Cheers Guys

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I would be very careful buying a PG wing for using as a PPG wing... I am not saying PG wings are not as good but you have to be cautious and make sure you dont have to add PPG trimmers before you use it, As the manufacturer is no longer around to get the Trimmers.

There is probably a reason why these wings have been stuck in the Dealers Back store room for so long!!!

IMO you will be better of buy a second hand revo or synth or something you will be able to easily sell to another student when you want to upgrade.

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Hi Morgy Thanks for the input , at the price they are going for i would could get a seperate glider for Paragliding and wait a bit longer to get my Paramotor wing , thanks to the info on this forum i will definatly be aiming to get a dedicated Paramotor Wing , so will be keeping my beady eyes here and elsewhere for that .. have made the classic newbie mistake of Buying my paramotor but as iv'e always been dealing with two stokes since my Karting days and from my mech engineering / Machining background i knew it was a good deal even if i mothballed it till training was completed. so the route im taking may seem the long way round but the goal is the same to get Trained and then Airbourne :wingover: Cheers Morgy

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