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Hi from France


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Hi, I would just like to introduce myself to the forum. I have been flying Paragliders for about 5 years but have decided to move over to PPG as I have recently retired to France (the flat bit!) and the hills are at least a couple of hours away.

I have just done a BHPA conversion course and have a Miniplane Top 80 which I hope to fly with my existing Advance Epsilon 5 wing (just got the power risers delivered yesterday).

I am situated in the Charente Maritime (17460) and would be keen to establish if there are other pilots in my vicinity ?

Best regards,


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Hi Oscar and welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)

We dont have many French 'posters' on this forum but we do have 19% of our visitors from France so, with any luck you will get a result :-)

Again , welcome


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Hi Oscar and welcome,

I am at 36370, nowhere near you unfortunately.

Chermignac is within the CTZ of Thenac airport, so no flying locally which is a shame.

There are a number of clubs in the Poitou-Charentes that include PPG:

Club ULM Les Fous De Bassan

Base ULM 17600 Corme Ecluse 0611970926 airocean[at]caramail.com

Paramoteur Poitou-Charentes

2 Rue Des Puits - Villeneuve

17620 St Agnant 0622180485 aladine[at]wanadoo.fr

Les Ailes De La Voie Romaine

Marie De St Hilaire

17770 St Hilaire De Villefrance 0546582582

Aero Focus

1 Route De Cire

17870 Breuil Magne 0546844085 guy.bourasseau[at]wanadoo.fr

I made contact with the club near me when I first came to france, am now a member and friend of the president of the club (very helpful).

I think I am the paramoteur pilot who uses the strip at Prissac the most :D

Hope this is of help,

cheers, Alan

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HI Oscar

To add to Alan’s great list and Fredy’s link and in no particular order, some sites that you may find useful if you are flying a paramotor in France. I am in the Midi Pyrenees, so not close to you, but like you, I fly a Miniplane. I have a French license and registered wing, both of which sound daunting, but are much less hassle than you might imagine.

Probably the most frequented French forum


A newer splinter forum


The FFPULM site. Eventually you may get your French license. They are the equivalent to the BMHPA (…or whatever). They do very reasonable insurance. The site also has a useful section on all the different ULM airfields in France.


A Miniplane dealer


Another Miniplane dealer also with parts online


An excellent meteo site


The official DGAC (equivalent to the UK CAA) site. Good for NOTAMs etc and also you can buy French Airmaps………..which is useful as you need one with you when you fly.


If you want a good short book to help you master the French paramotoring terms, look for La Maîtrise Paramoteur. It’s now in it’s 4th edition and is all you will need to pass the French theory exam.

Good luck,


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Excellent info all - many thanks.

Fredy's airchart link confirms Alan's thoughts that I am just south of the boundry!

Fredy - excellent Atlantic coast videos - were they taken along the Gironde coast?

Christian - I did my conversion at the same place as you - I bought the motor I trained on.


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