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Other flying .

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Me flying gliders a few years ago. I handed in my notice at work and was put on gardening leave immediately. I lived near the gliding site and watched them fly over the house most days and thought I'd have a bash.

32 launches later I went solo, won the most improved pilot of 2007 at the club and got my Bronze Pilot licence with 10 hours and 5 minutes solo time. Minimum was 10 hours.

Problem was, it just took so long to get flying with helping shift gliders, launch others, defrost canopies etc.

Thats why I love PPG!!

I also did 8 hours in an R22 before I realised it's a rich man's sport. 2 of which were on honeymoon in NZ (pictured)





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Nice Simon.

If you fancy a long one come and visit at Prissac. We'll put you up for a night with pleasure,

Cheers, Alan

I will be well up for it dude. :-) I am not going to be one of those people who gets a plane and then leaves it in the hanger thats for sure. :D:D:D:D:D


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Not sure if this really counts as 'flying', but definitely counts as plummeting. Photo of me taken just after a tandem freefall jump in Zaire (Congo) back in about 1987. The year is relevant as it helps to explain the slightly dodgy jumpsuit covered in logos of the local brewery. I was strapped (in terrifyingly close proximity) to a huge hairy Belgian and we jumped from a DC3 at about 10,000 foot above Kinshasa. Immediately after exit my contact lenses got blown out of my eyes so the rest of the descent was a bit of a blur. Happy days!


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Photo taken after my first solo in a Dragon microlight back in about 1983. The flying club went bust the day before, but my wonderful instructor let me do the flight anyway. Location was an old disused RAF airfield in the desert outside Dubai. I suspect it's now a shopping centre! My logbook from those days shows endless series of 'Engine failure on take-off'. I never did complete the training.

That's me on the left in the dubious red T shirt.


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Is that the QinetiQ Zephyr I spy.

A friend of mine did work on that from what i remember being said during coffee conversation .

Yes, I flew it on the last couple of flight trials in Arizona. We got various world records last time out. What was you friend called?


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